What is a Cuckold?

The traditional definition of a cuckold is:

A man whose wife deceives him by having a sexual relationship with another man

Some modern definitions are:

A man who enjoys the fantasy of his Hotwife going out and having sex with other men.
A man who enjoys his Hotwife going out to have sex with other men then coming home and telling her about it.
A men who enjoys being "Forced" to watch as his Hotwife has sex with other men.

Famous C21st Cuckolds

Perhaps the most famous American Cuckold of the last few years has to be Jerry Falwell Jr. the president of Liberty University.
Jerry loves watching his Hotwife having sex with a young pool boy they picked up at a hotel in 2012 and who has been fucking Jerry's wife, Becki Falwell, while Jerry Falwell sat in the corner of the room and watched.

Why am I outing a Cuckold?

Normally I would not mention the name of anyone involved in my chosen lifestyle, however Jerry Falwell Jr. has spent his life being a hypocritical liar, pretending to be a clean living Christian and attacking people who live alternate lifestyles while repeatedly denying involvement in his wife's affair even after the pool boy released video showing his involvement. Sorry, but I feel he deserves to be outed and roasted for his behavior. It’s his hypocrisy that winds me up. Because, if Falwell had not been outed, you can bet he’d be publicly castigating people like me for living the lifestyle which he enjoyed privately. And that sucks.

Who are Cuckolds?

Cuckolds are everywhere around us. It is not only people on the Liberal or Left that enjoy cuckolding, Right wing Christian Republicans are more likely to be a cuck than a Democrat! In research carried out by Justin Lehmiller, a research fellow at The Kinsey Institute, he found that:
A majority of heterosexual men (52 percent) said they had fantasized about watching their partner have sex with someone else. Heterosexual men who identified as Republican were the most likely to report having had a cuckolding fantasy at some point — and they fantasized about it more often than Democrats. Fewer than half of Democratic straight men (49 percent) reported having ever fantasized about cuckolding, and 19 percent said they fantasize about it often. By contrast, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of heterosexual Republican men reported having had this fantasy, and 30 percent said it is a frequent fantasy. Republican men also reported more fantasies about infidelity, swinging and a wide range of sexually taboo activities, including voyeurism.
Read more in Justins Book "Tell Me What You Want"

As people are becoming more sexualy adventerous, cuckolding has become one of the most popular fetishes around the world. Cuckolding routinely ranks among the top searches on the world’s biggest porn sites, as reported by neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam in their book “A Billion Wicked Thoughts,” for which they analyzed the contents of hundreds of millions of Internet searches. A quick look on Google will bring up hundreds of thousands of websites, like this one, helping people satisfy their fetish.

People in the Cuckolding Scene are people who live an alternative lifestyle turning what was once a thing of shame into a sexual game.

The Cuckold scene includes:

  • Men who enjoy being "humiliated" by their "Hotwife" (regular partner) having sexual relationships with other men.
  • Men who like their "Hotwives" to meet strangers for sex and then tell them about the date.
  • Men who enjoy watching their Hotwife or girlfriend have sex with another man or group of men.
  • Men who enjoy fucking their "Hotwife" while her pussy is full of her lovers cum.
  • Men who enjoy licking the sperm of other men from their "Hotwifes" pussy after she has "Cuckolded" him, known as Creampie Cleanup.
  • Men who like their "Hotwives" getting pregnant with other men, known as Breeding.

Often there is a pretend element of the cuckold being "Forced" to allow the Hotwife to meet and play with her lovers. This is sometimes expanded on and the cuckold is made to do things he would not normally do, these tasks can include things such as:

  • The Cuckold being made to stay at home while his Hotwife meets a lover.
  • The Cuckold being forced to arouse the Hotwife and her lover by performing oral sex on them.
  • The Cuckold being forced to watch his Hotwife have sex with another man or group of men.
  • The Cuckold being forced to wear restraints suck as hand cuffs, blindfolds and cock cages.
  • The Cuckold being made to take his Hotwife shopping for sexy lingerie that only her lover will see her wear.
  • The Cuckold being forced to fuck his Hotwife while her pussy is full of her lovers cum
  • The Cuckold being forced to lick the sperm of other men from his Hotwifes pussy after she has fucked her lover.
  • The Cuckold being forced to lick clean the penis of his wifes lover.

Cuckolds come from every walk of life, from every age group and most races.

Please Note: The cuckold is always a willing participant in these games. Being forced to perform the above tasks is a part of the game.